What We Offer

Durham Music Therapy has been serving the Durham Region for 20 years. We offer in facility Music Therapy services specializing in Seniors in Long Term Care Homes as well as Adolescents and Adults Living with Mental Illness. 

Durham Music Therapy is uniquely qualified to offer Psychotherapy services to individuals living within institutional care. We have a positive relationship with many of the facilities in Durham Region and will travel to provide service. 


We also specialize in corporate and community based workshops and retreats. 

Feeling wonderful about life is all about your perspective and the tools in your tool box to help you cope. Let Durham Music Therapy help you expand your toolbox.  

Music Therapy 

Musical memories are created and stored in a way that is different than other memories. This makes music an activity that can be enjoyed and actively engaged in even when cognitive decline, physical limitations or dementia are present. Good music makes us feel good and helps us build social connections, this makes it a perfect activity for seniors living in Long Term or Retirement Care. Music can also have profound impacts on the brain and can therefore help combat depression, boost the immune system and get us moving!


When we are hurting emotionally, or struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, it is very easy to feel alone. Psychotherapy can relieve our symptoms and provide techniques that help connect us to others, express ourselves, manage our thoughts and emotions in a positive way and develop long term skills to maintain our wellness. Sessions are generally 1:1 and can be done at our office or, if you're living in a facility, we can come to you. 

Workshops and Retreats

In-person events and workshops are paused due to Covid-19. If you're interested in a custom designed, virtual workshop, please reach out.

Our workshops combine music, meditation and psychotherapeutic techniques to help you cope with stress, anxiety, grief and depression as well as to bolster your self love and clarify your personal goals. 

Do you work at a health care facility?

We also offer workshops that can teach your health care team how to include more music programming into their tool kit.


Gain clarity in many areas of your life, set a successful plan for the year and nourish yourself so that you can be your best for all of those that need you!

All of our workshops incorporate live music, meditation, real life strategies, a "take home" component to remind and inspire us that we got this (also all materials, refreshments, encouragement and a whole lotta love!)

Workshops are 3hrs and cost $150 each. Sign up for all four and save 


March 29th


Workshop - Establishing your Core Values and creating a Values Board 

This workshop will help you clarify where you should focus your energy for 2019. Sometimes what we prioritize first are the things we have learned that we should, not the things we truly believe are the most important for us. We will work through a process of establishing our top 10 or 12 Core Values, cutting the others loose and creating a Values Board to take home. This workshop will act like a compass for your life (and your business, your family...you get the picture) for 2019


May 31st 


Workshop - Make your own Stress Relief Kit 

If you struggle to keep your cool when life gets hectic, if you suffer from anxiety or just feel like you're having a hard time keeping it all together, come join us for this workshop. We will talk about stress and anxiety. We will talk about real life strategies for coping. We will create take home "Stress Relief Kits" filled with all kinds of little things designed to help us keep our stuff together in this busy world.

Date TBD

Workshop - Self Love with Journalling - featuring the #MomfidentAF Self Love Journal 

Learn how to create the practice of writing about who you are. Whether it be truly true, or just something you're trying out, writing it down can help you clarify your feelings, thoughts and intentions. You can do it in a way that is guided, answering questions or just write what flows from you. We will examine both methods and discuss strategies for the daily practice of journaling. This workshop will feature the "Self Love Journal" by Courtney St Croix from MomfidentAF.

Date TBD

Workshop - Self Love with Gratitude

Learn how to create a space and a habit for daily gratitude. loving and appreciating what you have, noticing the beautiful moments and accepting the tough stuff for what it is. This workshop will change your outlook on life and relationships. If you're ready for peace and happiness to flow into your life, this is the workshop for you!